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A Church of the Caterham Team Ministry: Caterham Deanery - Diocese of Southwark - Church of England

There have been very few burials in St. Mary’s Churchyard since the 1920’s due to lack of space. All burials since then have taken place in the Public Cemetery at the back of the church, which is administered by Tandridge Council. The public cemetery is now full (March 2011) and further burials will be carried out elsewhere.

In recent years, ashes have been interred in the church graveyard, mainly in the Garden of Remembrance which is at the back of the church (among the existing graves). There are also several memorial trees, which are indicated by adjacent memorial plaques. The memorials in both St. Mary’s and St. Lawrence’s churchyards are listed in the Book of Remembrance and include buried Urns of Ashes, trees and benches.

The buttons below will take you to alphabetical lists of all the known burials in the graveyard, including name and date where known. The list also indicates roughly where the grave is on the matrix plan of the churchyard (not to scale) shown below.

SurnameChristian NameDatePositionNotes
AdnittLucy15 May 1880Q34
AlcockEdward18 December 1887P05
AllenWilliam31 October 1882G24
AnsellClarissa02 September 1874T03
AnyonThomas H05 June 1892D10
ArmigillThomasante 1865A181 of 3
AshdownIsaac28 October 1886P13
AspreyJessie20 November 1858J06-08, K06-08
AtkinsFrederick Thomas04 December 1885N21
BaconAnn25 June 1871Ad
BakerSlade27 July 1882H21
BalchAnnie Jane04 February 1876A10-11
BalchJamesJune 1871A19
BallardElizabeth M8120Aa1 of 3
BallardMary Ann10495Aa1 of 3
BarberJames Richard10 January 1885F23
BarronGeorge19 July 1889E17
BatesJohn Christopher16 February 1892K03
BaytonMary Ann22 September 1877S33
BealeCatherine06 January 1889B18
BeardWilliam Alfred26 November 1874S31
BeerJohn08 March 1890E15
BelsomEmma E29 February 1879Ae1 of 2
BelsomLuke26 November 1876Ae1 of 2
BenhamGeorge18 March 1876Af
BennettMartha27 January 1880T12
BennettThomas30 September 1871T04
BentleyJohn12 July 1898B03
BentleyNorah Darily22 October 1872T05
BentleySamuel12 July 1885F20
BlighFrancis John30 March 1892Cd
BoyseLewis28 August 1892G25
BrettRosa31 January 1882S10
BrightLouisa Ann9847Ai-j1 of 2
Bright Rev.Frederick A2649Ai-j1 of 2
BrooksFrederick31 July 1887P04
BrookwellElizabeth Emma03 April 1885Q20
BroughSarah29 August 1887R12
BrownWilliam Baker17293Ba
BucklandAaron23 August 1882L05
BulkeleyReginals21 June 1905 (?)Dd
BurberryJonathan11 April 1882Q33
BurkinJane Charlotte07 February 1896G02
BurnellGeorde21 November 1889G09
BurnsEdward03 October 1889E16
BurtRobert Fitz15 July 1885A30
BurtonCharles04 April 1890H14
ButterworthJ23 April 1892E11Last survivor of Waterloo
Campbell RevNorman9849Ak
CarlkinThomas05 September 1885F16
CarpenterLouisa08 August 1886O16
CaswellJohn18 July 1885F19
CawleyJemima25 May 1882Q25
CawthornJohn20 January 1891N09
CharltonEdward Charles15 March 1875R26
CharltonHenry07 August 1884T22
ClarkeCharles04 April 1880G19
ClarkeJames24 February 1888R17-19
ClementsNarnara Marion3 Marh 1885J24
CoatesEdwin28 January 1891D14
CoeDoris06 August 1899H24Between Rows G & H
CoffinGeorge07 February 1892G10
ColesGeorge18 January 1887Q09
CollisRichard09 April 1897M02
ConnorEllen ??D231 of 3
ConnorJohn07 October 1887D231 of 3
ConnorKate??D231 of 3
Covell??131R2522 ]
CrawleyJoseph05 August 1888O10
CrickmayFrancis John14 February 1874T01
CrickmayWinifred18 July 1881S21
CrouchJames18 September 1883H20
CrozierJames29 March 1885F22
CruiseGeorge27 May 1881G16
DallinEustaceante 1865A181 of 3
DandridgeJames13 November 1884H25
DanversSarah Frances1022R0318 ]
Danvers SirJuland7450R0318 ]
DaveyHerbert Edward28 June 1887Jc
DavisEliza Ogilvie17 March 1876R30
DavisRobert14 May 1879G30
DavisTheodora22 January 1889L11
DeanAllan131R251 of 3
DingisallJohn Patrick14 December 1865A14
DingwallCharles11 November 1887B13
DiplockEliza28 December 1895H01-03
DixonJoseph10 July 1881G15
DownJeanette01 April 1882Q26
DrewSusannah H23 July 1885R11
Dunovan??03 August 1884C31
DurbanJane04 April 1891N08
DurrantEllen05 September 1891N05
EatonJoseph27 November 1879G26
EdmundsSarah Maria24 May 1890M06
ElliotAlftred26 October 1883H26
EllisJohn18 August 1880P32
EverittElizabeth20 April 1888Q08
Fairall??26 May 1877L22
FairallElizabeth22 February 1891J13
FairallRobert Percy25 October 1887K24
FentonMary Elizabeth1877S24
FlaxmanClara Maria08 April 1886S17
FosterJames11 January 1892N03
FrainJohn26 November 1884H16
FraserCharles14 January 1882H22
FreemanJames07 March 1891E13
FreemanMaria13 January 1888P06
FullerThomas15 February 1886A28
Futeral??09 May 1887I 18
GardenerMargaret05 October 1884M12-131 of 2
GardinerHenry05 October 1884M12-131 of 2
GarlickEliaza18 December 1890O02
GibsonSamuel15 December 1891E12
GillingsMary18 October 1872T08
GlossJane28 July 1892B11
GoodsmarkMary Ann T21 September 1883R09-10
GranthamPercy A23 December 1881R23
GuimaraemsClarice25 July 1892Bf-g
H - ntonGeorge1886S20
HabbenClarence Sidney1756B01
HallHenry14 June 1889O13-14Of Woodlands
HallidayRobert Fitz30 December 1890D15
HamiltonDavid22 March 1880G20
HamiltonEdward George Edmond08 June 1886Q19
HannantF.W16 March 1891F11
HarlandHenry23 January 1893K01
HarrisMartha10 November 1890O01
HarwoodChristopher28 May 1885F21
HawkinsWilliam27 February 1891D13
HeardCharlotte31 January 1892Ag-h1 of 3
Heard Rev.James Neville24 April 1892Ag-h1 of 3
HillJohn11 May 1886Q18
HillMaria10 February 1890B12
HillSopjia30 April 1883P19-201 of 2
HillsCharles17 January 1891G12
HobbsColin24 December 1868O09A.E.H - 1888
HogarthEliza2924Dg1 of 2
HogarthGeorge6886Dg1 of 2
HollandPatrick Edward30 January1889E20
HooperHannah24 March 1888(?)Q15
HullardGeorge36224I 16
HuttonEzra07 August 1887J19
HydeHenry23 September 1887M08
JacksonHugh A16 August 1887I 17
JacksonSusan27 December 1885A29
JacksonVellers23 April 1884H17
JohnsonElizabeth Longhurst29 January 1881N24
JohnsonSarah30 April 1865S36
JohnsonMargaret Sophia21 October 1872T07
JonesGeorgie28 April 1888J10
Jones Rev.William25 April 1891M04
KateleyArthur Harry22548E07Re-opening
KennettLouisa23 February 1878R29
KensettWilliam18 March 1869K34
KirbyThomas19 February 1877H32
KilbyWalter Henry15 September 1886A06
KingWilliam Henry12 March 1892I 10
LanaganJames01 February 1884H18
LangleyEdward30 March 1888H15
LawsMarian Anna??O031 of  2
LawsRose08 August 1896F02
LeaH??J121 of  2
LeaJemima15 January 1892J121 of  2 nee Guilleband
LingCharles Alfred03 August 1891M03
LloydColin Lindsay20 June 1890Q05Of Aldercombe
LloydHarry??Cf-gOf Woodlands
LockJane11 October 1886D221 of  2
LockMark12 March 1895D221 of  2
LockieAndrew28 April 1886M10-111 of  2
LockieDulcie28 April 1886M10-111 of  2
LordJohn21 March 1887F13
LynesAnnie25 May 1888Q31
MabbuttJohn30 June 1882R22
MackinnonCharles hewetson04 January 1888Q03
MacmaynandHelen12 June 1881R24
MaileAnne31 July 1883F07
MartinEliza13 May 1891A05
MartinRichard22 October 1883R21
MathewsJoseph27 March 1897D02
McKinleyDell29 December 1893I 04
McLerothAlexander11 March 1890M141 of  2
MclerothEmilyAnn11 March 1890M141 of  2
MilesGeorge31 January 1887P12
MoonMary Rose11 October 1891N01
MorrisMary Gertrude??A12
MortonThomas20 March 1888I 15
MountefordRichard26 February 1895J20
MundyJemima09 April 1895P17
NewberryAnnie20 July 1881R06-071 of  2: Newberry’s Mother
NewberryJohn Edgar5379R06-071 of  2
NicholasWilliam James23 June 1875I 32
NormanA30 January 1890F12
OakleyWilliam Henry06 June 1893D09
OwenRachael Eleanor28 May 1881P30
ParkinsonJohn James07 July 1874R20
ParkinsonMargaret R02 February 1884R20
PatemanWilliam19 December 1879G23
PawleyGeorge26 April 1880G18
PeelArthur Lennox??S04-051 of 2
PeelMary Lennox23 December 1891S04-051 of 2
PeetfieldLucy Jane11 June 1842A23
PhippsPhilip01 February 1890D17
PithersElijah15 May 1885Q10
PolandConstance Rose????
PollardEmma mary03 May 1884S14
Poole Rev.Edward08 February 1878K10
PowerMary Gertrude19393R03Danvers’ Daughter
PriceEmily17 June 1892L06
ProwittDavid24 April 1876T02R.N of Portley
RandallHannah13 May 1880R27
ReadingCharles12 August 1880A26
ReadingMary16 September 1872A21
ReefsonAlfred26 February 1890D16
ReesSidney28 October 1885F17
ReeveEdwin20 April 1875Q36
ReynoldsMattie20 March 1893I 06
RobertsonWilliam14 October 1879G27
RobinsConstance Rose21 April 1893I 08
RobinsonThomas14 April 1878G32
RochesterEmma12 March 1887O12
RollsArthur hoare25 May 1884P19-201 of 2
RyanJames05 October 1879G31
SandifordLaura Jane05 November 1886S18
SaxbyCharles25 May 1883H23
SayerF.S16 March 1892D11
SearlesHarry30 March 1889E19
ShepardJohn18 October1876S06
SillidJohn05 September 1885F18
SinomsJoseph10 January 1884H19
SmaleAnnie24 May 1885O20
SmithAlfred01 March 1873T11Of Tupwood
SmithCharles12 May 1889E18
SmithWilliam10 March 1890E14
SmithWilliam17 December 1885F15
Smith-Gordon DameFanny2211Cb-c1 of 2
Smith-Gordon SirLionel E2162Cb-c1 of 2
SoperFlorence Beatrice11999R14-15
SpeakmanH.M27 July 1876R01
SpratteWilliam18 November 1896M01
StenningAlfred16 November 1889O031 of 2
StewartAlice04 July 1869A15-16
StoryJames S25 May 1877M29
SuttonArthur21 February 1892D12
SuttonWilliam1880Aa1 of 3
SykesGeorge Harold20 May 1879G29
TaylorJohn18 June 1890B19
TaylorJudith Elizabeth02 October 1882Q12
TaylorOwen18 June 1862T19
ThornhillHilary Lister10 September 1883J21
TidyAgnes12 November 1890N11
TreadawayJames22 March 1895G05
TremainAnn12 September 1869T21
TremainSarah01 May 1890O05-061 of 2
TrenchAnna Maria18 February 1888O11Of Devon House
TrinderEmily Florena5046R04-051 of 2
TrinderOliver James9754R04-051 of 2
TurnerSarah20 October 1884P22abetween Rows
Turnour????Ag-h1 of 3
VincentThomas13 January 1881G17
WadeRosamundante 1865A181 of 3
WarnerCharles21 Juune 1902B06
WarrenGrace7708De1 of 2: of Essendene
WarrenRebecca Arabella02 February 1897N06
WarrenSusanne Jane18 January 1873S35
WarrenWalter S16819De1 of 2: of Essendene
WebleyAgatha Mary02 January 1882Q02
WellsGeorge08 January 1880G22
WellsWilliam06 July 1879G28
WhiteBrown William07 May 1893Bb
WhiteEdith05 May 1889O05-061 of 2
WhiteJulia Lucy16 August 1883Bd-e
WhitingLawrence Victor21 January 1877T10
WhitmansWilliam08 December 1888G14
WilliamsArthur08 August 1889P01
WilliamsAlice Mary14 March 1895J02
WilliamsFanny Elizabeth07 November 1890K13
WilsonEmily Lucy Adelaide20 March 1886Pa
wilsonWilliam11 September 1895F03
wilsonWilliam20 March 1881P31
WollettGeorge John20 January 1881A07-08
WoodmanStanley Edward20 December 1889Q06
WorboiseMaria13 April 1888R16
WrayFrederick J02 April 1892E10
WrightAndrew21March 1888I 14
WrightRobert19 September 1896L09
YendallSarah Maria24 July 1884E24
YoungCharles29 April 1887I 19
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