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November Thoughts

What a summer we’ve had, so many happy days
When the dazzling sun shone down on us for hours –
Too hot to work, better to just laze –
And lovely gardens full of summer flowers.

But now November’s here with misty mornings,
Early darkness, and now the hour’s gone back.
Falling autumn leaves are everywhere,
The sky is grey and sunshine we now lack.

Parks, fields and gardens are drenched with dew,
We don our warmer clothes and sturdy shoes.
Gardeners have much tidying work to do
,We wait and hope for better weather news.

Light brings life, but now we have a pause,
Many creatures sleep the dark months away.
Gardens lie dormant, we spend more time indoors
And know that new life is many weeks away.

Remembrance poppyA hundred years ago, the Great War ended,
With many wounded and many thousands dead.
Four dreadful years of useless tragedy,
Families bereft, so many tears were shed.

November is a sombre month of Remembrance,
And we recall the wars through all the passing years.
We salute the bravery and spirit of those who went to war
And they will be remembered for evermore,
The stories still told bring many of us to tears,
Remember, remember, the 11th of November.

The feeling about the Great War is very strong for many people as the appalling loss of life is hard to believe.  We’ve had smaller wars since 1918, and thankfully loss of life has never been on such a huge scale. Will wars ever end, I doubt it.

Irene Schofield

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