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A Church of the Caterham Team Ministry: Caterham Deanery - Diocese of Southwark - Church of England

In the Garden

Poem by Irene Schofield

There is so much to see in a garden,
Flowers and fruit trees and shrubs,
Beautiful borders, luxuriant lawns,
A showy display in the tubs.
Primulas, pansies, petunias,
Geraniums, pink, white and red,
Lavender, lilies, lobelia,
Such colour in each flower bed.

And such a variety of veggies,
Some simple, some harder to grow,
Radishes, onions, tomatoes,
Lettuces all in a row.
Maybe a long line of runners,
Cabbages, carrots or leeks,
Patience is needed, but worth it
For you’ll have some for dinner in weeks.

What pleasure to see the fruit swelling
On the apple tree, pear tree or plum,
Soft fruits, blackcurrants or gooseberries,
After picking, jam-making to come.
The bushes need nets, it’s essential,
With birds looking out for a meal,
Those berries on show look so tasty
And have very great pigeon-appeal.

A garden needs care and attention,
With a good mix of sunshine and showers,
And if all goes well, plants will flourish
And give plenty of veg, fruit and flowers.
So, dear Lord, we give thanks for the soil
And the plants and seeds which we sew,
And the joyful part of your creation
Which brings forth a wonderful show.

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