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A Church of the Caterham Team Ministry: Caterham Deanery - Diocese of Southwark - Church of England

Electoral Roll

Please consider going on St Mary’s Electoral Roll if you are a member of the congregation. If you are already on the Roll but have moved house, please also complete a form with your new details.

What is the Electoral Roll?
It is a list of names and addresses of the lay people of the parish, who are aged 16 and over, and who fill certain conditions (listed on the Electoral Roll application form).

Why does my name need to be on it?
Because only those whose names are on the Electoral Roll can:
stand for election to*, and vote for, the Parochial Church Council;
be eligible to be a Churchwarden and vote for the Warden;
vote for representatives on the Area Deanery Conference and the Diocesan Conference.
*Aged 18 years and over

Enrolment is one way of saying….“I belong”.
It is an act of commitment to St. Mary’s Church and the church as a whole. It opens the way for a greater involvement in the life of the church at parish, deanery, diocesan and national levels.

Once you have downloaded and completed your Electoral Roll application form, please scan and send it to and it will be forwarded to Barbara Holloway, our Electoral Roll officer.

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