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A Church of the Caterham Team Ministry: Caterham Deanery - Diocese of Southwark - Church of England
Annual Report – St. Mary’s Choir

Adult Choir

The adult choir presently consists of 7 singers, and we aim to provide music and an anthem for all the usual musical services.  During the last year, we sang an anthem at Eucharist every Sunday, and at any additional services (especially around Lent and Easter): we also sang an Advent service of light and the usual Carol service at Christmas.

We have continued with the monthly choral evensong, except for two months over the summer holiday and again around Christmas.  Although the congregations have been small, we still consider it worthwhile to continue with the service.

We have one Sunday morning off each month when Free Spirit provide the music for the Eucharist service.

As always, we need new singers for the choir – especially as one of our strong singers is moving out of the area in July – so please think about whether you could be part of that Ministry.  It is not necessary to be an expert musician, just to enjoy singing. It involves a choir practice for about an hour (max) on a Wednesday evening, one service every Sunday morning, evensong about 8 times a year and occasional extra services at major seasons.

Chris Buck – Organist and Choirmaster

Junior Choir

This has been a quiet year for the junior choir, and we have had few rehearsal and performance opportunities for various reasons beyond our control.

However, the children from junior church were able to perform at the Mothering Sunday Service in 2024 and delighted the congregation with their enthusiastic performance of “My Mum is the Best”. All the children from junior church were able to perform as rehearsals took place from within the junior church itself rather than having to attend separate rehearsals.

Going forwards, there has been communication between the St Mary’s junior choir leaders, junior church leaders and the head of music, Chris Buck regarding the future direction of children’s singing in church. The consensus is that junior church will have a role in encouraging children’s singing in St. Mary’s Church and we have agreed to try encouraging singing within the junior church sessions with a view of singing for joy and  also rehearsing for specific church events. For example, our next full performance will not be until Harvest Festival though in addition, the children may be able to perform the occasional short song at the end of a normal Sunday morning service in the junior church ‘slot’. We will be putting this new format into action from May 2024.

Yvonne Coldron & Fiona Izzard – Junior choir leaders

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