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Caterham Overseas Aid Trust (COAT) Masks Enterprise

Caterham Overseas Aid Trust (COAT) Masks Enterprise

COAT has now made over £1,000 from donations for fabric masks!  This is an amazing amount for which we thank all who have given so freely to help the people of Malawi in sub-Sahara Africa cope with Covid-19.  £1,000 has been sent to Self Help Africa who are running this project.

But we are not done yet as, without our normal fundraising activities, COAT needs to replenish its funds if we are to honour all our obligations for 2020-21.  This small charity based in Caterham aims to raise £12,000 each year to support:

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Self Help Africa, Water Aid & Practical Action with £3,000 each for selected projects.

So the Mask Enterprise will continue ……………..               

The spike(s) in the Covid-19 virus will not go away anytime soon so we will all continue to need masks.  As many have told us, they are delighted to support a charity and have a mask which is different to those on sale online or in the stores or to have one to match each outfit.

So whether you’re a ‘first time buyer’, want to add to your existing collection or to replace some bought earlier this year which may be suffering from too much washing, contact:
Frances at

A donation of at least £5 will secure a mask but she will need to know whether it is for a lady or gentleman.

Please note: these are fabric face coverings so are
not suitable for those who have underlying health problems
or require a surgical mask.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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