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A Word From The Wardens

A Word from the Wardens

Church Fabric

Although the responsibilities of the churchwardens are numerous and varied, and include parish finance, administration and support of the clergy in their pastoral care, a significant portion of these revolve around maintenance and upkeep of church buildings.  Not an easy task when you consider the size and age of the buildings in question.  Some of these responsibilities can be quite mundane such as cleaning of rooves, gutters and downpipes, others are more complex and challenging, remedial repairs to St Mary’s spire being an obvious example.

As usual at the start of the calendar our minds have been exercised in ensuring St Marys remains as warm and dry as is possible given the age and cavernous nature of the structure.  As a PCC we are also exploring more efficient ways of heating the church, although this is unlikely to be a quick fix.

In January a local firm of specialist cleaners spent a day cleaning the gullies and gutters of St Marys, St Lawrences and the Church Hall.  This leaf clearing exercise should help prevent rainwater from collecting on the roof, thereby lessening the risk of ingress above the lead flashing.

Nevertheless, we continue to experience a water leak into St Mary’s chapel, the exact cause of which remains unclear.  We will be employing a roofing firm to investigate any broken tiles of damage to lead flashing.  At the same time they will be installing more substantial guttering and downpipes to the roof above the chapel, which should reduce the likelihood of water collecting in the gulley.

A word on pews.  A faculty (formal request to the Diocese) has been applied for, to remove the two frontmost pews adjacent to the exterior walls in both the north and south aisles.  The aim of this being to better accommodate wheelchair users and Free Spirit Music Group.  We anticipate acceptance of this in the coming weeks.

Michael Cooke

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