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4th Holiday Club A Great Success

4th Holiday Club a Great Success

With the back to school rush we have been remembering our wonderful summer..

St Marys Holiday Club in it’s 4th year was a lively week filled with fun, laughter and many smiles. This year we were concentrating on Victory over villains and the stories were David and Goliath, Cain and Abel, Saul – Paul and Jonah and the whale. It was lovely to see new faces both in the attendees and the leaders. The mornings saw all 40 children together for team games, songs, stories and quizzes where of course points won prizes.

In the afternoons Bottle tops donated by several members of the congregation created a fantastic whale to accompany our Jonah story and this appeared at the end of the week and on the following Sunday. Other arts and crafts creations included sheep and lions, biblical snakes and ladders, stuffed whales and whales on pegs that ate Jonah. Whilst the arts and crafts team were getting creative the St Lawrence’s garden was used for Football, Rounders or Cricket and sometimes a combination of two, as required. The scouts leant us the human table football again which proved an endless source of amusement for leaders and children alike on the final afternoon, particularly when some young leaders decided that with temperatures at over 30 degrees some water needed to be added into the mix.

The leader’s highlights included a visit from the Met Police on Tuesday which the children and leaders alike were all thrilled by, particularly when it involved trying on equipment, a ride in a police van and checking the sirens were in good working order (our neighbours can probably confirm they were). Helping Hillary with the Lego Build on the Wednesday was an inspired addition to the week, there is going to be a plaque inserted on the wall the Holiday Club built. A local dance teacher visited on Thursday, all the children picked up the routine very quickly indeed.

The Friday afternoon heralded our ‘end of the show, show’. The children performed Who’s the king of the jungle? Which they would also teach to the congregation on Sunday and reprised Our God is a Great Big God (now a firm favourite) from last year. Then showed the parents a brief version of all the stories and the dance routine from the previous day.


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